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The White Blush Steel Vault


Interior: 86 Length x 30 Width x 24.5
Exterior: 88.5 Length x 33 Width x 29.75 Height
Weight:500 Pounds



12 Gauge Steel
A delicate white rose finish belies this vault’s uncompromising protection.
Meets All Cemetery Sizing Specifications
Dome Design: The curved dome and elevated base keep air pressure steady and keep water from rising inside.
Testing: Each vault is subjected to 5,000 pounds of pressure and other rigorous tests to ensure air-tightness, water resistance and durability.
Double Weld: Every seam is welded inside and out for added strength, rigidity, and overall longevity.
Powder Coating: A durable, powder-coated finish resists chipping and helps the vault last longer underground.


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